Sonic Shorts Volume 5 is out

2009-02-20 18:41:16 by GCacti

Sonic Shorts Volume 5 is out:

Watch it! Stop reading this and go do it! :D

I'm in Sonic Shorts Volume 4

2008-08-04 18:42:10 by GCacti

Woot woot. Three of my shorts made it into Sonic Shorts Volume 4! Check it out:

For my other animations go to my DevArt page:

Cacti4 and his thievery.

2008-07-19 16:31:51 by GCacti


Just thought I'd make this news post thing to let everyone know about the flash thief "Cacti4".

For some reason, he (or she) attempted to create a Newgrounds account on July 18 and pass my animations off as their own.

My animations are posted on DeviantArt: and SheezyArt My SheezyArt under the name "Cacti". Due to requests, I also post my animations on YouTube under the name "GeneralCacti".

I've had my Newgrounds account since 2005, but I never posted any of my animations here. In my sight, they were never polished enough for Newgrounds. Since I'm the type of animator who prefers short, humorous animations, one day I'm hoping to accumulate a bunch of my animations into one submission.

I'm not angry with Cacti4 and I feel kinda honored that this individual wishes to BE me, but thieves are everywhere... and Cacti4 is one of 'em.